From iPhone to Android

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After more than a month using an HTC Desire, I think it’s adios to Apple’s iPhone/iOS 4.

Yeah, the iPhone is pure eye candy. A non-gadget lover’s dream. Give it to a six year old child and in an hour or so he probably can start using it. It’s probably the best smartphone out there until I found out about Android. My cup of tea! A smartphone OS that offers almost unlimited customization (provided it’s rooted).

I may still take a glance at an iPhone 4 but at it’s current price of 45k plus, it may be all that– just a glance! (Hey! I bought a smartphone back in 2004 for 50k and I wouldn’t want to commit the same mistake again. It was a Nokia 9500 Communicator. The most expensive cellphone I ever bought which I sold after 2 months of use!)


Ink Testing with The viliv S5

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The S5’s portability will make it very useful for jotting down quick notes. The touch screen is not really intended though for writing as you will notice some vectoring.


Viliv S5: A Hands on Review

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I am a Mac/Apple convert since 2004. No offense meant but I really hate Windows in its every flavor– Windows XP/Vista and Windows Mobile. I had my first Personal Computer back in 1984. It was a PC XT Desktop with a 12mhz processor! No GUI yet. It’s just the plain ‘ole DOS. ¬†Soon I dipped my toes with Windows 3.1 and was happily using it until the advent of Windows XP.

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Viliv S5: The Unboxing

Posted in Gadgets on June 23, 2009 by oneforyou2nv

After a 2-day wait (it was more like 2 weeks!), I finally got the S5. It was scheduled to be delivered on a Friday but my impatience got the better of me— I picked it up at a local FedEx depot a day before the scheduled delivery! Viliv is a Korean company know for their PMD devices. Viliv stands for View Live. Pretty creative, huh?

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I purchased one of this online and it’s on its way via FedEx. It’s scheduled to arrive this coming Thursday and I will surely post a review when I have it on hand. I am probably one of the few, if not the first and only one, to have this device in the Philippines. To wet your gadget lust, here are a few pictures. Stay tuned!

Viliv S5



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I had the opportunity to join a 3-day “life-enhancing”, “thought-provoking” and “check your morals” seminar/workshop last week. Read my thoughts about it after the break.

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My New Aluminum MacBook (MB466)!

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LAGAS (Latest Gadget Acquisition Syndrome) Strikes Back!

I sold my 1st generation white Macbook and bought the latest Aluminum MacBook 2.0Ghz (MB466) for $1,347. It was a bit different when I purchased my 12″ iBook G4 sometime in 2004 as it was my first Apple ‘puter. Since then I’ve had a few Apple ‘puter purchases (MacBook and iMac) so the excitement was not as intense. Anticipation was much controllable. But the experience was as satisfying as it was 4 years ago.

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